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ChirpFest Music Festival

Fall 2016

Dill Street - North Dill Street, Muncie, IN, United States

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ChirpFest is Back!

Same Place. Bigger Names. Bigger Sound.

6pm - 12am

September 16th
North Dill Street, Muncie

Outside of Brothers Bar & Grill

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Rain date= September 17th

Tickets are nonrefundable. You must show proof of purchase and ID at entrance to be admitted to the festival. Extra fees may be applied for purchase with card. Copying, pirating and duplication of any sort is prohibited.

By purchasing a ticket you agree to the following terms and conditions:

ChirpFest agreement regarding ChirpFest LLC. This agreement (“agreement”) is made and entered into effective as of this day of the ticket purchase (the “Effective date”) between Brand LLC, ChirpFest LLC (hereinafter collectively called the “owner”) and guest. The guest hereby agrees that they will adhere to the following terms and conditions: 1. At all times at the ChirpFest event on North Dill Street in Muncie Indiana on September 16th, guests will adhere to all rules and regulations, including all warning signs and instructions posted, and instructions informed of by staff. Guests at all times should observe and comply with any and all procedures, rules, regulations, and special instructions given by or on behalf of owner and agents concerning the access to, entry onto, and use of the Building and Rooftop. The foregoing shall in no way obligate the Owner or Agents to ensure (and Guest hereby expressly waives and releases Owner and Agents, as defined below, from any responsibility with regard to) the safety of any persons with respect to their access to the festival. Owner and Agents expressly reserve the right to stop the activities and require Guest to leave the festival if Owner or any Agents determine in their sole discretion that the activities of Guest are not being conducted in a safe manner or if the festival Guidelines or other instructions of or on behalf of Owner or Agents are not being followed. 2. Guest understands that the festival is furnished with couches, tables, a variety of equipment and other furnishings for Guests (especially VIP guests) use and enjoyment and the use and enjoyment of others who have gained access to the festival (“Guests”). Guest agrees that if Guest needs assistance while in the festival it is Guests responsibility to obtain such assistance. 4. Due to street space capacity, Guest will not permit more than the number of Guests in the festival permitted by the applicable laws, regulations and codes. If at any time during the Event the Agent determines that the number of persons in the festival exceeds the stated limit or is otherwise posing a danger, the Guest agrees that the number of people at the Event will immediately be reduced as directed by the Agent. 5. Guest agrees that Guest will be responsible for, and to the fullest extent allowed by law, Guest hereby irrevocably waives and unconditionally releases and forever discharges all claims against Owner, Agents, their respective partners, shareholders, employees, personnel, agents, or other owners or members of the foregoing entities, and all of their respective agents, contractors and employees (collectively, the "Owner and Agent") for all costs, damages or liability of whatever nature (including without limitation bodily injury, death, or damage to or loss or theft of property) arising out of Guests access to the festival and/or the activities of and/or related to any Event at or about the festival. 6. GUEST AGREES TO ASSUME THE RISK OF ANY HARM, DAMAGE, OR INJURY TO GUESTS, PERSONS OR PROPERTY AND TO DEFEND, INDEMNIFY AND SAVE HARMLESS OWNER AND AGENT FROM ANY AND ALL LOSS OR LIABILITY, DEMANDS, JUDGMENTS, EXPENSE (INCLUDING ATTORNEYS' FEES), CLAIMS OR ACTIONS (“CLAIMS”) BASED UPON OR ARISING OUT DAMAGES OR INJURY (INCLUDING DEATH) ILLNESS OR HARM TO PERSONS OR PROPERTY (INCLUDING THAT OF OWNER AND AGENT), ARISING OR RESULTING FROM OR RELATED TO GUESTS ATTENDANCE OF FESTIVAL AND/OR THE USE OF THE SPACE BY GUESTS, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THOSE CLAIMS DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY CAUSED OR CONTRIBUTED TO IN WHOLE OR IN PART BY ANY ACT OR OMISSION OF GUESTS, AND/OR OF ANYONE ACTING UNDER THEIR DIRECTION OR CONTROL OR ON GUESTS BEHALF IN CONNECTION WITH OR INCIDENTAL TO ANY EVENT, AND/OR GUESTS ACCESS TO, ENTRY ONTO, AND USE OF SPACE, UNLESS THE INJURY, ILLNESS, HARM, OR DAMAGE IS CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OR WILLFUL MISCONDUCT OF THE OWNER AND AGENT. 7. Upon demand, GUEST shall pay and/or reimburse Owner for the cost (as actually incurred or as reasonably estimated by Owner or its Agents) to repair or restore any harm or damage to any property belonging to or rented by the owner and/or agent. The provisions of this paragraph shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement. 8. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Indiana, without regard to conflict of laws principles, and may not be modified, amended, changed, waived, or discharged, except by an instrument in writing signed by all parties hereto. This Agreement shall be valid, without time limitation and shall run for the maximum period of any and all applicable statutes of limitation in Indiana.9. Tickets are non-refundable.

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